Yes, it will be updated. Mayax has been working and supported since December 2015. Usually there are 3 - 4 updates per year, affecting the work of the Chat API. Within 1 working day, we adapt the API to the changes.
You can not. The Mayax allows you to send up to 3,000 (120 per minute) messages per day. BUT! If recipients do not want to receive such messages, they will click the "Spam" button in WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp account will be blocked. It is possible to send only messages that the recipients expect.
Yes, you can print the conversation per to per.
In The trust page you will can check the servers status, additional to it we will notify about news, problems or maintenances.
We would like it to so be, but is not yet. We are work hard to it happen.
Not, Mayax not use WhatsApp Business API. Mayax use personal account protocols through an API from third parties. They use a particular permission authorized by WhatsApp.
Not, Mayax not receive calls. The calls just will be received on your phone.
WhatsApp monitors closely the type of message you send. Sending unsolicited messages (SPAM) that your recipients are not expecting or want to receive, can result in WhatsApp permanently banning your number or IP. This is an action that WhatsApp takes, and Mayax has no control or responsibility over it. Some cases where we are certain that your number will be banned are:
  • Sending messages to people that haven’t agreed to receive messages from you or that have no connection to you or your business.
  • Sending messages to numbers that don’t exist or that don’t have WhatsApp installed.
  • Sending messages for debt recovery (people will report it as SPAM).
  • Sending messages to numbers of other countries.